Here you will find in the Hypothesis 2013 Plenary sessions key world leaders in hydrogen technologies providing their thoughtful insights into the successes, opportunities and challenges of hydrogen energy storage. They will set the scene and deliver presentations based on its overall theme, “Hydrogen Energy Systems: Enabling the Uptake of Renewables and Unlocking the Grid”.

We invite you to NOT MISS this opportunity to be inspired and challenged in your thinking

Sue Bruce, MPhil
CEO Edinburgh City Council

Honourable Fergus Ewing, MSP
Minister for Energy, Enterprise & Tourism
Scottish Government

Paul Lucchese
N.ERGHY Chair Research Grouping
Programme Nouvelles technologies de l'Energie CEA France


Pierre Etienne Franc
Chairman of the European Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking
Air Liquide and Joint Technology Initiative

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HYPOTHESIS 2013 - Plenary Speakers
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