Hypothesis 2013 is the 10th Hydrogen Conference, a conference that travels the world every two years. It is one of the leading conference focusing on the latest developments in hydrogen energy research, development, and deployment organised by the Pure Energy Centre.

Hypothesis 2013 will feature high level keynotes session kicking off each morning with exciting, respected speakers from industry, academia, government and public sector representatives. Break-out sessions will then with focus on specific technical, research, business and commercial tracks.

A press kit will be released in January 2013 for all our media colleagues and member of the press.

Hypothesis 2013 features

- Over 250 presenters
- All presenters and publications will be selected by a peer-reviewed abstract process
- Over 100 poster presentations
- 2 full plenary sessions
- 4 parallel tracks of scientific sessions
- Delegates from over 40 countries

Conference Topics and Themes:

- Transport
- Modelling / simulations
- Portable
- Stationary
- Hydrogen internal combustion engine conversion
- Fuel cells
- Hydrogen production (electrolysis, reformation, etc)
- Safety and regulations
- Storage (all forms including high pressure and materials)
- Compression
- Dispensing
- Case studies (example of successful projects)
- Policies
- Business topics

The exhibition

An exhibition floor with the latest in hydrogen and fuel cell products, including electrolysers, micro fuel cells, CHP, boilers, back-up power, materials handling, hydrogen compression, hydrogen cooking, stationary power generation, hydrogen fuelling and hydrogen powered vehicles

Media Facilities

Hypothesis 2013 is pleased to inform all our colleagues and members of the press that we will provide access to a private media-only room, where additional media events will be held. This will include an area for working and writing, which includes computer access.

Please contact us right now to book your media attendence
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